Hindustani Roti Ki Tokri (Indian Bread)

Poori 2.95
Tandoori Roti 2.95
Whole Wheat Flour Bread Baked in Tandoor (Clay Oven)
Naan 2.95
Bread Made from Enriched Fermented Dough
Garlic Naan 3.95
Bread Made from Fermented Dough Flavoured with Garlic Flakes Coriander
Aloo Parantha 3.95
Whole Wheat Indian Bread with a Filling of Spiced Potato
Pudina Parantha 3.95
Mint Flakes Baked into Whole Wheat Bread
Lachca Parantha 3.95
Whole Wheat Layered Bread
Onion Kulcha 3.95
Bread Made from Fermented Dough Stuffed with Grated Onion Slightly Spiced
Panner Kulcha 3.95
Indian Cottage Cheese Baked into a Naan
Chilly Naan 4.95
Chilly Flakes Topping on the Naan
Chilly Garlic Naan 4.95
Chilly Flakes and Garlic Topping on the Naan
Chicken Naan 4.95
Chicken Tikka Baked into a Naan
Bread Basket 9.95
Naan, Garlic Naan, Onion Kulcha


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