Chicken Specialities (Served with Rice)

Chicken Curry 13.95
Chicken Cooked in Light Gravy
Chicken Korma 13.95
A Mughlai Specialities from the Royal Kitchen Boneless Chicken Mildly Spiced and Cooked in Creamy Sauce
Chicken Kadai 13.95
Morsels of Boneless Chicken Cooked with Fresh Tomatoes, Ginger, Herbs and Spices Served in Kadai
Chicken Keema With Eggs or Green Peas 13.95
Minced Chicken Cooked With Fine Herbs and Spices
Chicken Saag 13.95
Spices of Chicken Simmered wirh Spinach, Fenugreek and Fresh Gravy
Chicken Bhuna 13.95
Chicken Sauteed with Fine Herds, Onions
Chicken Black Pepper 13.95
Chicken Cooked in Light Gravy with Black Pepper
Chicken Tikka Masala 13.95
Chicken Marinated with Tandoori Spices Charcoal Grilled and Simmered in Enriched Tomato Gravy
Chicken Makhani 13.95
Tender Pieces of Grilled Chicken Enriched Tomato Based Gravi Cooked with Butter and Cream


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